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Saturday, April 24, 2010

We have new furry babies!

On Saturday, April 3rd, a farmer and his wife found two beautiful fox kits hiding underneath a round hay bale on their farm west of O'Neill, Nebraska. The two kits, a boy and a girl with eyes still sealed shut, were cold and out of their den, with a dead sibling lying next to them. Their mother was nowhere to be found. At a mere 12 days old, they would have died out there had they not been rescued. Shelly, a wildlife rehabilitator in O'Neill, collected the kits and cared for them until they were transported to us in Omaha on April 5th. On that day, their little eyes opened and they began to explore their new world!

They are thriving wonderfully under care. In the first week alone they doubled their body weight and they are still eating with gusto, moving about confidently, playing, pouncing on each other, wrestling and climbing. Just yesterday they were weaned off a bottle and are now lapping their formula from a dish. They are healthy, exuberant five-week-olds! Here are pictures of the little fuzzballs:

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Well be back with updates on Thing 1 and Thing 2 (just kidding), so stay tuned for that and other exciting news! We appreciate your kind help in caring for our wild friends! And of course, so do the snuggly foxes.


  1. I'm glad they are doing well. We somethimes find rabbits like this in our yard. Usually a cat or other predator has disturbed the nest.


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