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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OPPD to the Rescue!

On Sunday evening, NWRI received a call that there was a pigeon hanging from an "invisible line" above a pole on 55th and Leavenworth. We contacted the Nebraska Humane Society to see if they had dispatched to the call and they had, but there was nothing they could do because the bird was too high and beyond their reach.


So, unable to ignore an animal in distress, we went to the site at 8 p.m. that night to find that the pigeon was hanging by a wing from what was likely a fishing line. It was still alive and in desperate need of help. It was hanging halfway between the tree and the electrical pole, above the sidewalk, probably about 50' in the air!

The pigeon isn't in this picture, but he was a few feet above the top of this pole and a few feet to the right, hanging above the sidewalk about halfway between the tree and the pole.

We tried calling tree trimmers, Cox Cable, and the utilities -- anyone with machinery that could get that high in the air. Finally, Dave from OPPD answered our call for help! He arrived on the scene and was able to determine that the pigeon was hanging from fishing line that extended from the nearest tree all the way across Leavenworth Street, where it was attached to another pole! He extended his cherry picker to its highest limits and was able to cut the line and catch the pigeon as it swung towards him. He brought it down to us, safely on the ground.

Upon examination, we were shocked to see that although the fishing line was wrapped several times around the pigeon's wing, there are no broken bones or dislocations! His wing was swollen from lack of circulation and very sore, and he does have some feather damage. We cut all of the remaining line away, and gave him some medication to help with the swelling. He is now resting comfortably and will be released in just a few days!


We know that many people, even bird lovers, are not fond of pigeons, but this guy was in serious distress and we couldn't leave him there to suffer!

We are incredibly grateful to Dave from OPPD for helping save this guy!
Thank you, Dave!


  1. That is an awesome story, thanks Dave!!!

  2. I am the one that called in this pigeon. I couldn't bare to watch him suffer, struggling to get free to the point of exhaustion. Thanks to the Humane Society, OPPD and Nebr Wild Life Rehab for being there. Some people gave me a hard time about saving a pigeon but any living creature that is suffering will receive my help if possible.

  3. I work for OPPD and they really have some great employees there! What a neat story. Good job to everyone involved. I agree anything is worth saving!

  4. Dave --

    YOU DA MAN!!!


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