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Monday, April 1, 2013

NWRI's recent educational events

Nebraska Wildlife Rehab has been busy!

Over two weekends in February and March, we hosted three classes given by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). Many people came from within and without Nebraska to attend, with the farthest person coming all the way from Arkansas.

We hosted the Basic Wildlife Rehab (BWR) training for the third time, as well as two other advanced classes: Feeding and Nutrition, and Pain and Wound Management. This was the first time the advanced classes have ever been offered in Nebraska, and we were very proud to be able to accommodate IWRC. Attendance was brisk-- BRW boasted 22 students, Feeding and Nutrition had 16, and Pain and Wound had 19.

In March, one of our fantastic volunteers, Amy Campagna (educator, rehabilitator, and board member), met and talked with Girl Scout Troop 45111 at Maplewood United Methodist Church.

The scouts were studying about caring for animals, so Amy brought several of NWRI's current fosters and engaged the scouts in discussion. They were enthusiastic and attentive, asked many questions, and were thoroughly delighted with the animals and the whole presentation. Educating the public and especially young people is one of NWRI's main functions, a responsibility we take seriously and love to do, so this was a welcome opportunity. Not to mention, a real treat for Amy to spend quality time with some of the smartest students around.


The scouts bid a very generous goodbye to Amy and the animals with a much-appreciated car-load of donations! Troop 45111, thank you so much for hosting us!

 If you would like to schedule a NWRI speaker for your event or group, give us a call at 402-234-2473. You can find possible topics and other scheduling information on our website.

For the 2012/2013 school year, NWRI received a generous grant to work with Collective for Youth in offering environmental and wildlife education programs to students in four OPS middle schools, after school hours. Our volunteers Laura Stastny Amy Campagna, and Matt Cronin have been engaging with students at Marrs, Lewis and Clark, Monroe, and King Science Center for this six-week session on nocturnal animals, entitled Creatures of the Night. In the pictures below, you can see students at King Science dissecting pellets from that mysterious caller in the night, the owl.

Owl pellets are fun to dissect since they are comprised of all the indigestible parts of prey consumed by the owl-- beaks, bones, claws, fur. Pick enough pellets apart and you may be able to reconstruct an entire skeleton...every young scientist's dream.

These are exciting times for NWRI! So many educational opportunities, spring baby season, fundraisers....stay tuned!

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