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Monday, April 22, 2013

Where Does Your Money Go?

When you donate to Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, you can be sure every cent of your money goes towards the good of the animals. As we have noted before, we fundraise because the need for our services and expertise is vastly disproportionate to our ability to finance it. More often than we'd like to count, we pay for the animals' care, among other expenses, out of our own pockets.

While this isn't something we mind, necessarily, we are definitely limited by it. When you donate your hard-earned money to Nebraska Wildlife, it goes much farther than what we are able to do ourselves. This is where your money goes:

Rehabilitation – Funds pay directly for formula, food, caging, enrichment, medical supplies, and
veterinary care for the animals we receive each year.

Education – NWRI has education programs on all levels , from elementary school to adult, and
donations help offset the cost to schools and community groups.

Our Wildlife Center – Although Ash Grove Cement Co. generously donates the use of our Wildlife Center building, we still have to pay for utilities, insurance, and upkeep.

Staff Salaries – NWRI has a part-time Executive Director and a handful of educators who are paid small stipends for their work. We are hoping to expand the director’s position to full-time to ensure that we can meet the need for rehabilitation, education, and partnerships in our community.

What Does It Cost to Rehabilitate an Animal?

Here are just some of the average per-animal costs for rehabilitation:

Eastern cottontail rabbit - $10.00
Fox squirrel - $10.00
Songbird - $8.00
Waterfowl/Wading Bird - $15.00
Beaver - $100 (Beavers generally take a year to rehabilitate!)
Woodchuck - $15.00
Opossum - $15.00
Red fox - $50.00
Coyote - $50.00
Bobcat - $75.00

With 2,000 to 4,000 animals per year, these numbers add up quickly!

Won't you help us continue this important work? Please donate-- as you can see, every penny is cherished and wisely used. Go to our 50 States for Great Plains Wildlife fundraising page, to show your support!

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